Who Is

watching out for you?

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Who Is

knocking on your virtual front door?

It could be someone down the block or from the Bloc

A cyber stalking victim tells his story

Dave Farrow

29-July-2015 You can’t stop them, however you can publicize their activities.

Imagine spending 20 years building your reputation in your chosen industry. And then watching one person use the anonymity of the Internet in an attempt to destroy what you spent two decades carefully crafting.

That’s the experience of memory authority Dave Farrow, who’s been teaching, instructing, and researching memory improvement techniques for 20 years.

Through hard work and study he turned his dyslexia and ADHD into an advantage.

A featured guest on popular television shows, the two-time Guinness World Record Holder for memory can remember the order of 59 different decks of cards.

Farrow has also been stalked by a jealous wanna-be competitor, who in his campaign to ruin Farrow has used fake email addresses to pose as a real-life journalist, a famous branding expert, and even publishing mogul Larry Flynt.  

How’d the nightmare start?

“After putting on memory events for over a decade, I partnered with this guy named Simon Luisii to do a memory competition in 2012,” Farrow said. “I got people interested and gave him information. When he got very controlling I said, ‘screw this’ and went back to doing my own.”

There is a community of people who are interested in memory. Some can memorize a deck of cards… others numbers... and some simply want to remember where they put their car keys.

Farrow refers to this community affectionately as “memory geeks, because we’re after hacks for the brain. I can teach someone how to memorize a deck of cards for example. Obviously they can learn faster if it’s a game.”

Luisi allegedly took information and contacts Farrow shared with him in 2012 to attempt several case of identity theft – pretending to be other people so he can discredit Farrow.

Farrow has called Luisi an “amateur hacker”, who in lieu of computer expertise merely sets up fake email accounts of real people whose reputations he uses to damage Farrow’s.

“Luisi sees himself as a competitor to me, although he’s not,” said Farrow. “Face to face he’s meek and shy, and possibly has Aspbergers. The anonymity of the Internet gives him the strength to say all of these things. He’s done everything he can to destroy me, and he’s gotten some allies who are associated with an American competition. Over the net we’ve been able to tie all of this to him.”

When Farrow applied to the World Memory Championships (WMC) to run a game under its banner, he contends the WMC received an email from Chuck Frey, publisher of The Mind Mapping Software Blog, saying Farrow had cheated to get his Guinness record.

“I tracked down the real Chuck Frey, who said the email address was not his and the message did not come from him,” said Farrow. “The problem is the people at the WMC remain unconvinced and continue to side with the stalker. We’d like the emails the stalker sent to them, however they refuse to provide them. We can’t prove defamation until we get them.”
[WMC ignored repeated requests for comment from Securebuzz.]

According to Farrow, Luisi then pretended to be Chuck Frey in an attempt to get an advertiser to redirect funds to Luisi’s PayPal account.  [Frey declined to speak with Securebuzz, citing he’d already spent enough time on the issue.]

“We have a franchise where people can run their own memory businesses,” Farrow said. “He pretended to be an employee to get access to all kinds of logins and material. I fed information to him my wife was pregnant, when she wasn’t. The stalker used that information, which only Simon knew. After he had stolen some things we got him to gloat – calling himself Moriarty to my Holmes. He signed the email, ‘Simon’, confessing digitally.”

It was while pretending to be Larry Flynt that Luisi allegedly used email, a mail address, and a credit card in his own name.

“When he pretended to be Larry Flynt he appealed to the greed of several people I worked with,” Farrow said. “He used them to attack my reputation, and they don’t work with me anymore. I contacted Larry Flynt, and he knows who I am now. I take the positives wherever I can.”

Webhost GoDaddy and Farrow managed to assemble a list of 180 email messages that Farrow said tied to Simon Luisi and several aliases, five known victims, and some unknown victims.

“Police require documentation,” said Farrow. “We can prove this really happened and we have evidence.

“When the tone of the emails became threatening, that’s when we went to the police and notified everybody. The lack of caring was really troublesome. Most people think it’s a rivalry between two people. I’m not going to risk filing false police reports.”
Details of the report and police contact information is available on a third party website here… (http://www.cyberstalkerlist.org/simon-luisi.html)


In Part 2 the police become involved.