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Do Canadians feel smug about leading the way with two-factor authentication?

5-May-2015 PCI-DSS 3 comes to America.

Now that the new rules for processing credit card payments have arrived, known as PCI-DSS 3, Canadians might feel smug about having adopted chip and PIN credit cards years ahead of their southern neighbors. At least on the retail side of things.

American retailers are gradually installing PIN and chip readers, with those in areas popular with border crossing shoppers leading the way. 

Chip and PIN is not protection though… it’s merely two-factor authentication. Yes, it deters bad guys from stealing credit cards. It doesn’t prevent stealing personal information.

It’s been proven that walk-by credit card theft is achievable. One recommendation is to wrap your credit card in foil or keep it in a foil-lined wallet.

The likelihood is slimmer, because bad guys won’t get as much data from one-at-a-time credit card theft. They’re after the greater ROI they receive from attacking large databases of credit card information.