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Accounting software that’s prepared for inclement weather

David Rumer, Sage

19-Mar-2015 Software developed in Canada's extreme winter weather conditions can help maintain business continuity.

Many North Americans understand how weather poses a threat to business continuity.

“Sage cannot control the weather, but we can help organizations prepare for the weather,” said David Rumer, VP Market Development at Sage North America. “We not only deliver on premise solutions, but also allow organizations to take advantage of mobility, using connected services and Sage Mobile Solutions. We provide Connected Services, which allows an SMB to use a hybrid approach. They can access through a phone or iPad or any device that’s Internet connected, to communicate with partners and suppliers. We also provide SaaS with Sage One through the cloud.”

Whether providing a service or a bricks and mortar retailer, businesses are affected by inclement weather. Those that prepare fare better than those blindsided by weather-related issues.

First step is an emergency business continuity plan. Understanding what you need to do to be prepared for an emergency. You’ll learn what more is required as you educate and prepare your staff.

“We found only 25% of organizations are prepared,” said Rumer. “It’s the first piece that’s important, and you need to appoint one person to handle that. From a simple website to ecommerce and supply chain, it’s important to have a backup plan. Your apps must be hosted by a secure supplier.”

Beyond an emergency plan, only 75% of those with a plan have any idea of how to communicate with employees during an emergency.

Companies must determine what they want to obtain by allowing their employees to work remotely or access information through a mobile device.
A clearly outlined mobile policy allows the establishment of appropriate security controls and what’s expected of employees.

“The majority of SMBs I’ve spoken with have found mobile devices and apps are liberating,” Rumer said. “The concept of 9-5 is not a reality. They like to be continually connected to their businesses, while also allowing their suppliers to be connected.”

From a mobile standpoint, Sage offers pure SaaS solutions like Sage One, an accounting, invoicing app for small businesses seeking simple accounting and invoicing with bank and project management integration.

For those old enough to remember AccPac for DOS, the modern version is now called Sage 300, available on premise and SaaS.

“Our products are fully supported in Canada, which is a differentiator;” Rumer said. “If someone picks up the phone seeking to understand a process or feature, they’re speaking to a Canadian in a fully bilingual support center in Richmond, BC. When we started we wrote both flagship products to move between French and English with a click. That allowed us to develop leading market share with Sage 50, formerly Simply Accounting and Sage 300, formerly AccPac.”

Financial management and compliance are distant thoughts to many small business owners who collect receipts in a shoebox and work with Excel spreadsheets that can’t grow with their businesses. Some of these entrepreneurs subscribe to Sage One, recognizing a simple system that lets them keep financial records safely and securely, yet is accessible from anywhere.

A freelancer who may work with several subcontractors can connect with Sage One to maintain books, capture financial transactions, provide professional invoices to their customers, and perform financial reconciliation through their banks and credit card merchants.

“Sage also through its ecosystem can identify an accountant and bookkeeper to help you maintain your books, taxes, and payroll, which we do through the Sage Accountants Network,” said Rumer. “Accountant and bookkeeper are an extension of your business. Trusting we have clear vision and extending our relationship from the network has provided our customers a real opportunity. Any business is only as successful as the customers it serves.”

And the number one thing Sage customers look for?
The greater freedom to succeed.
“Freedom means many things… for some freedom means being able to pick up their children after school… the freedom to maintain and grow their businesses… and the financial rewards of owning and running a small business can be greater than working for an organization,” Rumer said.

“We work with over 500,000 business across Canada in various demographics. Sage allows you to be connected anytime, anywhere. Create an invoice on your phone, for example. You’re free to do business anywhere at any time with Sage.”