Who Is

watching out for you?

In today's world you need to understand a few more things...

Who Is

knocking on your virtual front door?

It could be someone down the block or from the Bloc


When Jake Sethi-Reiner was about five or six years old he started learning introductory programming.

When he was six his father introduced him to Scratch, made by MIT to get children interested in programming. Then when he was about eight his dad got him into Python, via a Codecademy course.

“I tried learning graphics, I tried using other programs, but the tutorials didn’t do much good, said Sethi-Reiner. “My dad found me courses on Coursera on making games. That’s when it became really interesting for me.”

In addition to coding games Sethi-Reiner made a presentation on how to teach Python to a 10-year-old, “Although it should probably have been called ‘How not to’, because it was mostly about that,” he said.  

“Next I did an economics course, and then Linux administration and security. After that I was invited to present at NorthSec 2016. I really enjoyed that, so I expanded that threat model and presentation for SecTor.”

How did he get involved in computer security?

“My dad taught me a small amount of networking, which helped me get interested in security. Getting invited to NorthSec gave me incentive to learn more about security.”

Without giving away the answers, what are some security problems facing an 11 year old?  

“My Wi-Fi is filtered, and turns off at 7:30 each night, because I shouldn’t be using it after that, when I’m supposed to be in bed.”

“My sister is constantly trying to take over my laptop and web accounts. And she’s constantly looking over my shoulder when I log in. If my sister got into my accounts all of my money would suddenly be spent on horse stuff.”

“I’ve got a cloud server that at one point was a proxy server, which needs to be protected.”

There are others that you can discover by attending his presentation.

And his plans after SecTor?

“I’ll continue with presentations and courses, then get admitted to a good high school. I’m hoping to go to either MIT or Stanford. I have some vague ideas about being an entrepreneur, but beyond that I haven’t thought much about it.”

Jake’s father and Securebuzz don’t want to leave you with the impression Jake spends all of his time coding and presenting. He runs around kicking balls and doing stuff a typical youngster his age does.

“I didn’t feel right just sitting around playing Lego. I just wanted something to do.”

Including things he’s not supposed to do. Has he ever used his coding prowess for other than good?

“In second grade I took another kid’s project and changed his fonts in Word so his project looked like gibberish. It took him about 20 minutes to figure out what was wrong with his project. If I remember correctly I was sent to the principal’s office.”

See this unique presentation by registering for SecTor 2016 here.

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