Who Is

watching out for you?

In today's world you need to understand a few more things...

Who Is

knocking on your virtual front door?

It could be someone down the block or from the Bloc

Comparing marketing slogans with what happens in the real world of endpoint security

Lidia Giuliano

Picture the overworked security professional bombarded with risk assessment, vulnerability, trying to put metrics and dashboards together, when their boss taps their shoulder and says, “I need you to do some endpoint testing. We need to buy another tool.”
How does the security professional start endpoint testing?
Where is it supposed to fit into the schedule amongst a million and one things to do?

“I've put together a testing framework you can use, and a workshop/class at SecTor this year, to give you a set of tools to go out and do it for yourself,” said Lidia Giuliano. “It’s about security products and capabilities of vendors. When you’re in that saturation and it’s time to look at endpoint protection, I offer some considerations for how you can test. Not just testing malware, but also for testing how you do business in your office.”

There are functional and non-functional aspects to consider. For example, if you have outsourced, you need to consider how much extra it’s going to cost to send endpoint protection logs to your MSP. 

In the past people have focused on testing what happens when it goes live, what does it look like then, and functional testing with common scenarios.

Other important considerations are how it scales and its backwards capability. When setting up the proof of concept, what virtual environment are you using? Malware may not work in all virtual environments. How does the solution you’re testing relate to your business and long-term strategy?

Giuliano’s presentation is a result of 12 months of work and research requiring thousands of hours. 

“I actually compare marketing slogans to what happens in the real world,” she said. “I demonstrate actual examples and what I saw during the testing. It's important my peers know how to start and what questions to ask.”