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Who Is

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Silver linings to the dark cloud of Ashley Madison attack

data thief


All criminal hackers are despicable.

Now you and I may disagree on what constitutes a criminal hacker. I hope we agree that those responsible for stealing from Ashley Madison are despicable criminals.

Calling themselves The Impact Team is a pathetic attempt at legitimizing their vileness. Though they’ve tried to cloak their attack in religious and moral indignation, it’s obvious to everyone they’re simply disgruntled ex-employees.

By posting online the personal names and sexual preferences of millions of people these criminal scumbags have endangered the lives of all those emotionally weak individuals who won’t be able to withstand public shaming, and will kill themselves.

Other victims will include many who live in jurisdictions where some behaviors are illegal – like the gay man in Saudi Arabia who fears being stoned to death, merely for being gay. (Yes, as if we needed more proof that Islam is a religion of peace.)

And what about families of those whose data is published?
“Your Mom screws around on your Dad!”
“Well your Dad screws around on your Mom!”

Regardless of your feelings towards those who seek outside sexual relations, people have been philandering for millennia. If they didn’t want people to philander, then why did they give it such deliciously sounding descriptive titles like philandering and adultery?

I don’t feel sorry for the curious rubberneckers who go looking for the data, hoping to uncover anyone they know. They deserve the malware they’re going to get when they find those false data repositories.  

For a while now I’ve been seeking the silver lining in this. And I’ve found a couple.

1. The “it can’t happen to me” attitude towards computer security has been dealt a serious blow. It can happen to you, especially if you trust your personal information to idiots like the executives running Ashley Madison.com.

While many employees  think their bosses are sociopathic idiots – and rightly so some of the time – members of the AshleyMadison.com executive team truly are idiots for allowing this to happen. The data wasn’t even encrypted for crying out loud. That’s negligent to a moronic degree, and they deserve to be descended upon by the inevitable horde of money-seeking vultures who circle civil courts for carcasses.

Let’s hope a few more half-wit executives will take data security seriously. Hey, in that regard, hope is all we have.

2. May the releasing of millions of people’s sexual preferences cause uptight anally retentive North Americans and their perpetually outraged media to examine their attitudes towards sex?

Sex is part of our lives.
It’s used as both weapon and reward.
We see it selling us stuff; everywhere.

When the preferences of tens of millions of individuals are posted for all to read, will it help us over our adolescent insecurity towards sex?

Now that we know what millions of other people call “normal” sexual activity… can we all please stop snickering – which is really just fear our own proclivities will be discovered – and grow up?